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Creating an alternate life in the world of pixels.
Well Flavio isn't a biological part of this family but he has a place in the JS Family.
when one day a buddy asked him if he could do a photoshoot for him, he said yes. 
That's how he first met Josi, she told Flavio what it was all about and it was at that point, when he realized what JS Dancehall Visions was all about, that he realized the whole thing was going to be more than just a photoshoot, due to his high interest in cultures especially the afro culture.
The story behind JS fascinated him and he wanted to use his knowledge of video and photography to help JS Dancehall Visions as much as possible. So it was more than a friendship and Flavio now takes over the creative part for JS. 
Besides JS he tries his luck becoming a fulltime freelancer and could already work with big names like TUI, Redbull and many more.