The JS Family


"As I can think I dance"
My journey began in my twenties when I found the first Ragga Class. I immediately was catched by the songs and the movements, so I began to train for a good while. After four years I went traveled to Jamaica for my first so I could visit a dancehall camp in Kingston, Jamaica. I got to learn the truth behind dancehall, the pain, the suffer but also the passion, the love and joy behind not only a type of dance but a whole culture with a big story and meaning behind. Thanks to dancehall I also got to know my soon to be husband and baby daddy Frisski Blazzaz which is a teacher from the group Sopreme Blazzaz. Because of my new passion I decided to travel to stay in Kingston for the next 4 years until I got pregnant Since then my dream has always been to share the real dancehall culture with Europe. Now this is my legacy for my child called Jalia. I want her to tell me that she did something huge for our culture.


Frisski was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. As soon as he was on his feet, he was inspired by artists like Bogle, he followed his sould and began to dance. In his youth he joined the group SOPREME BLAZAZZ. Today SOPREME BLAZZAZ is one of the biggest dancehall group from Jamaica. In the last four years Frisski developed plenty dancehall steps which are taught all over the world. In Switzerland now he teaches two times per week. He had bookings in Italy, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Russia and plenty workshops in Switzerland. Frisski is now a popular teacher and well respected for his pedagogical sensibilities. He is described as a humble and cheerful teacher. He also has the talent to go on each level of his students. Next to dancehall he is the best and love fullest daddy in the world. Frisski always gives hundred percent. With him you will go beyond passion and experience.


Jalia is basically the heart and main reason behind JS without even knowing it. Dancehall is also her culture: It's also in her blood.
So it's my task to make sure about her culture.