Jamaican Artist



I am mama blazzaz from a group called sopreme blazzaz straight from Kingston Jamaica, am here to talk about myself, my journey and vision as a Female dancer.

What dancehall is to me? Dancehall is my home it’s my way of living it’s my culture. I chose dancehall because I can express who Mama is what i am capable of. Not just only that I gain self-confidence, power, and self-support because i was a shy person. I was overprotective with myself and i did downgraded my confidence. But the very moment i started to dance dancehall it set free my inner fire. From then on, I never let this fire go out.

my dream or vision? to be an international dancer! a friend once asked me how I look at myself my answer was simple, as a dancer. I look at myself as a international dancer cause you have to believe in your head that you are to become what you want to be. i work hard i hold my head up high. because no one can dictate my path that I want to walk.

My Class: mad vybz, enjoyments, energy, sexiness and pure emotions.

My quote: nobody can break a rose that grew from concrete. Meaning i am strong now and nothing can hold me and my fire back.

my dance moves: Aquatic Wine, wul it, strawberrii and many more

Tour Infos
* Dates: 26. August - 08. November 2022
* all Shengen Areas
* Available for workshops, private classes, shows and judging